Are you interested in donating towards the work Leapfroggers is doing in Somaliland? We need partners and supporters to change the lives of young people in Somaliland.
Are you interested in Volunteering your time or skillset towards creating a change? We need volunteers across a wide range of skills to carry out the work we do.

If you are interested in volunteering, donating or for press enquiries, please fill out our contact form or send us an email at
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We run a number of programs aimed at allowing young people leapfrog their way into a brighter future

Among Leapfrogger’s  ongoing projects is a collaboration with Hargeisa Orphanage, a facility with about 400 children and youth who have been abandoned or orphaned.

Leapfroggers aims to help prepare the kids for a future beyond the orphanage through:  education, computer literacy, and vocational training and skills development, as well as to meet their emotional and social needs through mentoring and counselling, and providing sports facilities for physical health

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Support to Orphanages

Direct support to children and youth, who have been orphaned by conflict or abandoned as babies, in a sustainable and scalable manner. The objective is not only to meet their most urgent needs but to also help them develop the skills and capabilities to engage in productive activities outside of the orphanage in the future. For focus and impact, we will start with one orphanage.

Basic education

Establish a model secondary school, to be later replicated and expanded, where cutting-edge learning tools are used. The objective is to enable youth to access global knowledge and leapfrog to a brighter future.

Vocational Training and skills development

Establish vocational training facilities for skills development for vulnerable youth and facilitate access to employment opportunities. This program component will be coupled, as appropriate, with micro-credit schemes so that entrepreneurially-oriented graduates can get the initial funds to start their own businesses.

Children and youth are key to sustainable development.