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In Somalia/Somaliland, vocational education and skills-development opportunities are almost non-existent, a large number of children have been orphaned and many have grown-up in the margins of society. A new phenomenon is the abandonment of new-born babies.

The level of human development (access to basic health, education and skills development, and social protection) in Somalia/Somaliland is among the lowest in the world. The prolonged conflict and lack of domestic resources for public goods has exacerbated the situation.

The youth are particularly vulnerable. An increasing number of them have been orphaned and marginalized, with little or no social protection.

With low skill level and lack of employment opportunities, the youth can be susceptible to risky and anti-social behaviour, or undertake perilous overseas emigration in search of opportunities.

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In education, less than a third of children attend formal primary education and only 10% attend secondary school. Quality is also low.

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Girls are particularly less likely to attend school with illiteracy rates of almost 75% for girls aged 15-24.

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Unemployment is extremely high, especially among the youth, with almost 70% of the population under 30 years of age unemployed.